Jodie Wilson is a bio-mother of three gorgeous daughters from a prior (hetero-) relationship. She met her soulmate, B, in 2015. By 2016 they were living together, with full-time care of the kids, in a commited same-sex relationship. In January 2017 they began a journey to conceive a child together using donor sperm, with B as the bio-mum. Jodie struggled with the change from a societally accepted and defined hetero-normative role as bio-mum to her first three kids, to the vast unknown of being “the other mother” in a lesbian relationship. She’s an absolute nerd and a huge Neil Gaiman fan, so when she started writing about life as “the other mother”, the obvious title came from Gaiman’s “Coraline”.

Jodie is a dedicated Emergency Veterinarian working full-time in a specialist after-hours emergency practice. She writes novels under a number of pseudonyms in a variety of genres. She is a keen but frustratingly bad soccer player, and lives with her expanding family of people and animals in suburban Brisbane. The house is ruled by Sammy, a Sphynx cat, and Shiver, a Maltese-cross dog. The people adjust accordingly.